About CP

Cholapinup.com is a network of females dedicated to the betterment of the barrios. We believe in supporting barrios through a collective network of "carnalas"/"soldadas" that use creative approaches to empower under-served populations by supporting local and national causes aimed to educate and unite communities of all walks by using social media networks, marketing projects, and photography.

Our vision is to set free incarcerated minds and support LOCAs worldwide by mobilizing carnalas in the barrio to inspire and uplift their communities!

Our network has supported incarcerated men and womyn, under-served populations worldwide, and have supported the music of "las calles" working with everyone from Hipower Music, to Steelbanging Musick and more... We invite you to check out our work and get involved in our projects.

Further info can be obtained by e-mailing us at cholapinup@live.com